CJA Invades London, England “Caliphate”

A CJA team in London, England yesterday attempted to enter a Muslim neighborhood. A dozen Muslims stood in their way to prevent them from entering. The CJA team leader told the Muslims, "You will let us pass or die." All but one of the Muslims backed off. (Muslims are cowards at heart. They only engage in suicide bombing because they believe their hellish pain will last only a split second.) As the CJA team moved forward the single Muslim drew a revolver. He was shot by a CJA team member with a single bullet to the head before he could fire his revolver.

Muslims Murder One Thousand Non-Muslim Newborns

Today, in a coordinated strike on hospitals in Britain, France, and Spain, Muslims poured into hospital maternity wards and murdered one thousand non-Muslim newborn babies. As they hacked their innocent victims to death with knives and axes, the Muslims shouted, "Allah hates the non-Muslim babies."

CJA is planning retaliations but it won’t be against Muslim babies. For every baby murdered by the insane Muslims, ten adult Muslims will be executed.

Sharia Law Imams’ Subversion Plan

CJA intercepted the following email yesterday, detailing Sharia Law (Muslim Law) imams’ strategy to get Sharia Law passed in the United States:

Praise Allah! We will start by getting the infidels to accept our gentle Sharia Laws. After that, over time, it will be less difficult to get them to accept our harsh Sharia laws [amputations and beheadings].

CJA: Counter Jihad Army


CJA is an American-based military organization with units in America and several other Western countries and a growing presence in every country in the world.  General Alexander Hamilton, commander of the CJA, says:

We follow the Constitution of the United States of America.  Our members, however, include contingencies from Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece, and several other European countries.  We also have units in India, China, and Russia.  We have a growing presence in every country in the world. Our goal is to:

Stop terrorist and sleeper Islam and Muslims.