{FD} Former British banker fights ISIS

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‘I won’t go home until ISIS has fallen’: Privately educated former banker who sleeps 300ft away from ISIS troops says he will not stop fighting jihadists until ‘fascism’ is pushed out of Syria Macer Gifford, 30, is fighting with the Syriac Military Council, a Christian group set against the Islamic State He is a Cambridge-born … Continue reading


What Should Be Done With Illegal Immigrants

Here is what should be done with illegal immigrants:

  1. A date should be set after which anyone entering the country illegally is deported no matter what.
  2. 90% of the blame for the illegal immigrants falls on our politicians and not on the illegal immigrants; therefore, we should pass a law holding politicians criminally liable for failing to enforce our immigration laws. A mandatory two years in prison would be good
  3. Illegal immigrants who had no choice about whether they entered our country, for example, babies and two-year-olds, should be granted citizenship.
  4. Illegal immigrants who had a choice about whether they entered our country, should be treated as calorphistic orqistines.